A Sensational Remedy Over Conventional Cigarettes

30 Oct

For more than two decades, I have being an ardent consumer of traditional tobacco! The smell of tobacco lured my heart and soothed my soul! This was when I feel exceptionally sick. Smoking ruined my breath and made me weak. Nevertheless, I was unable to quit the habit. Conversely, I started to search for strategies that would suffice my quest for tobacco and improve my health. If you are breaking your head with such a question, consider yourself as lucky! This is because the next few lines will give you a quick insight through a sensational remedy against traditional cigarettes.

An Innovative Release

Recently, I came across Electronic Cigarettes. The special gear works with E Liquid and a Cartridge. Consequently, the product doesn’t produce tar, toxins or use tobacco. This has made the product extremely famous amongst those who wish to quit smoking. E cigarettes will let you enjoy the hand-to-mouth action and oral fixation of conventional smoking. However, it will not ruin your health or expose your body to tobacco!

Tasty flavored E Cigarettes

E Liquid comprises of many benefits. The product does not produce irritating smoke or fumes! Hence, my walls, clothes, furniture and hair, didn’t smell tobacco. To be more precise, the smoke spread the sweet aroma of chocolate and strawberries. This is because VG E Liquid is flavored with sweet yet safe scents.

No more flames or combustion


Secondly, the electronic cigarettes are void of flames and combustion. Thus, there is no space for un-burnt cigarette butts or ash. Your household and loved ones will definitely thank you for this! Moreover, you will not be surrounded by a smokey mist. Electronic cigarettes use E Liquid to generate a water-based vapor. The vapor would dissipate and vanish in few split seconds. This is an interesting parameter that distinguishes E-Cig from conventional varieties.

Control the amount of nicotine you consume

It is quite interesting to note the product’s strategic mechanism. As you stick onto E-Liquid and E-Cigars for a very long time, you will have the wit to quit the daunting habit. Electronic cigarettes will let you customize the amount of nicotine you consume. From zero to high, you can alter the amount of nicotine in the E Liquid. In simpler terms, the product will give you more control over the additive compound. Electronic cigarettes reduced my need for nicotine. I smoked regularly; however, I had the wit to reduce the consumption of nicotine gradually.

Amusing a Smoke Free “Vape” at anytime and anywhere!

My uncle admired E-Cigars for its vapor-free nature. Conversely, he enjoyed his favorite hobby almost anywhere and everywhere. You can smoke E-Cigs in hotels, bars, restaurants shopping malls and offices. Trust me, you don’t need to stand away from blistering crowds, professional offices or the hot sun for a quick smoking break. Personally, I am devoured with the freedom to vape almost anywhere and at anytime!

E Liquid is much Cheaper than traditional Cigarettes

Moving on, E Liquid UK is cheaper than conventional cigarettes. Though my initial investment was high, the product has helped me save several hundred dollars in the longer run. The E-Cig kit comes with refill cartridges, E-Liquids and a charger. Generally, the cost of E-Liquids is 75% lower than that of traditional cigarettes.

E Cigarettes are safe and environmental friendly!

Being an environmentalist, I love electronic cigars with tobacco E Liquid for its safe and green nature. Over the past few years, discard-able cigarettes have caused many accidents, fires and intense pollution. The innovative creation reduces the presence of these risks. E-Cigs are not hazardous or bad for the environment.


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